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Following an article from my foster-child Shobana, itīs written in last week, after an visit in Nagapatinam District.


Sincerely, W. Stelle


  Shobana Devandiren





(25.01.2005) Today  mornning I went to Nagapatinam, Vellankanni and  Tranqubar and  I have visited the tsunami effected places and I have many news.

Shortly: today morning nearly 6.30 am I have reaced the place Vellankanni. There is  no many people. It looked like desert because that place. Always surrounded by many  many people.

After that  I have went to Nagapatinam, here the full of fisherman colony's were effected. They all are staying in the schools and that schools has the holidays and Government trying to help and issues all the things that they have need. Eventhough there are many people who didn't get help also and the medical camps were there to help.

On the way of Tranqubar I have seen the place that have effected in Karaikal, here the major thing to effect is, there is one canal (like river over bridge it is connected the Nagapatinam road to Karaikal) that is endede with the sea, so from the sea all the bodies  and full of   water came and there is no enogh hole to move to other end of bridge. So full of waters start to engulf the land and all the bodies were in the bridge. I have seen this in Tv and today I have seen that all the releif work in the bridge and the land was finished and it looked clearly with the sea and now the bridge reparing work was going and all the bus root have changed.

Then at last I have came to Tranqubar, here  first time I have seen the rehabilitation works are going from TELC and UELC (United Evangalical Lutheren Church). They are providing clothes like uniforms, school subject books to the school childrens  who were lost their things and houses and  they are giving medical aid, vessels food, bedsheets and normal clothes etc.

In Tranqubar also heavily  effcted by Tsunami, here 700 people were dead all are fisher man families. But all the buildings were safe. i went to Grundler boys hostel,it is not effected but the childrens things were taken by the tsunami effcted people we can't blame them also because they don't have nothiong for three days from 26trh, after 3days only the releif works were started. So they don't know  what to do in that position they have done. Still I have met people who are waiting for the help. There many things and I will write the article including the situation of students, fishermans, effected farmers, normal peoples and the Government.


    Situation of the places:

v  A month after the Tsunami hit and flattened what has come to be know as “Ground Zero”. For a week now with the roads cleared and new Cause-ways taking the place of old bridges, all eyes are on the boats which have beached out  at the river.All relief works were  finished and people were trying to live their normal life without their loved ones.

    Situation of the fisherman:

v  Fisherman’s eyes filled up with tears as he say’s “ the sea was our God, If the God has forsaken us, what will we do? “. And they are waiting for better days to come & to retrieve the boats. Fisher man families were being relocated for away from their house land. Government provided fisherman 60kg Rice sufficient for a  month. The effected should be given relief cards to bring them within  the ambit of food security to all these who did not have ration card. These were also some complaints of lack of interaction between official machinery & NGO’s in the field.

     Situation of the Students:

v  Students demanded postponement of government exam in Tsunami effected districts. Children were psychologically affected and should be given counseling before they took their annual exams. Because they didn’t have book and the exams usually in April so they couldn’t abet to face it. So private sectors and Govt. trying to provide, books & Notes for the school children.


    Situation of the Farmers:

v  While the Tsunami waves entered in to the land, it is filled the saults in the sand also. The amount of sodium in the land is very wage and It is not good for cultivate anything from the land. So it is effected the work and everything for farmers. They couldn’t see harvest timmings for coming 4 to 5 years. This is the cruel thing,and  what they can do for their food & work?. What they will do for their children’s future (including study & everything). Temporarily the Government giving help by providing food, clothes & everything .

    Situation of the Government:

v  The district Administration was identifying suitable locations for the contruction of permanent shelters for the effected familiars.  But It will take long time do it. But effected ones got temporary huts in their lands by private funds & helps. Now also they can’t live peacefully because of rumour that Tsunami will come again. The a small boy asked me that “Do you believe that the Tsunami will come back again?  So the Govt. trying to help the people in all situations, like giving cousellings and providing medical helps and from  the private hospitals are doing medical camps for long term basis in the effected places.  

v  Government & Private sectors with Army people were repaired the motorboats and the nuts. Slowly fisherfolks are started to get into the sea. But their business totally spoiled because of the epidemics. The Govt. announced that for a six months no one will eat the fish and its items.  So they are seeking the helps which could help for their employment also. One young lady said that ” If  the Govt. will give sewing machine and teaching classes for the effected woman’s then this will help their employment , daily bread and  also this will help to stand in their own foot.

v  From the church and the private sectors are coming doing  help  to the effected little childrens to provide school dresses, note books and they giving admition in the hostels and orphange centers .


Shobana Devandiren


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