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April 2005



In this Newsletter you can find a letter of thanks from the Manager of the Frolich Home, Ms Raja Manohara to all the sponsors.

In that letter you can see some of the turbulence, was in the last months.


Last week was beginning the summer holiday season of this year. Holidays ends this year in first days in June. Most of the children will go in that time to there families. But some of the children will stay in Hostel also, they have no relatives or the situation at home in family are so drastic, that they not can stay there in full time. I hope, it will be an good time for all!


Many thanks to all, help us in our work for help the poor children!


W. Stelle




Letters from Pandur (4)


  Raja Manohara



Pandur, 10.05.2005


Mr.W.Stelle was in our Home when we heard orally from our Child Care Officers of the office in Bangalore that our from …-organisation* supported children will be transferred to the nearby CSI Girls Hostel at Ikkadu. At this predicament situation when I was in great sorrow of planning and thinking about the future situation of our Frolich Home children, Mr.Stelle was so kindly came forward to support few more children by finding sponsors (was in planning before). This good news relieved me so much from my sorrow and anxiety.

Now with his good influence and much effort he found Sponsors and with his help, we could accommodate very poor and underpriviledged children in our Frolich Home from the remote and backward villages of Pandur.


In November end, we could get the proper information in writing from the Bishop, that the …-organisation* support will cease from April this year, the new financial year. The facilities that all (50) of our Frolich Home children enjoyed such as the electricity, water and the rent for the buildings will also have to be met from the “Kind Support” of our Sponsors. So your valuable donation is of great help to our Home and children education and accomodation. I have no words to express my thanks and joy which encouraged me


With many thankful greetings.


Raja Manohara

Manager T.E.L.C. Frolich Home


* Here the name of that organisation is cancelt – we donīt do anti-advertising.




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