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Following the letter from Pandur, was in August 2004 was the start of our fostership-project:


Letters from Pandur (1)


  Raja Manohara



"What shall I render unto the Lord for a11 His benefits towards me"'




We have tasted Godīs goodness and loving kindness throughout these years. We have proyed His faithfulness, His love and His guidance. He has provided all our needs through our dear friends in Germany and because of their love and concern for our poor children, We did not ' lack anything.


Admission: It starts end of May every year with the arrival of our children

who come back from Home after 6 weeks holidays together with their parents and with some new verry poor children to get admission in our Home. Though the children enjoy the time together with their families, it is every year a tough time for many children without sufficient food. They have to miss many facilities which we have in our Frolich Home like electricity and water, medicine, games, laughing and singing etc. Few children have been staying with us because they are either parentless or the situation at home is so difficult that their parents send hem verry soon, back to our Home. We are trying our best to get children who are below the proverty line / down troden, destitudes, widows etc., still today with the kind donation of our philanthropists in Germany. But like in previos years, I could not admit many very deserving children. The ….* - organisation had stopped its support for the past 4 years and, therefore, through our friends and philanthropists only we may be able to help the poor and needy. On those days, if 10 children will be leaving, 10 new children were substituted and, therefore, many new children

could be admitted with the help of ….* - organisation for the past years. So the number is gradully decreased. The nearby TELC Boys Hostel had been closed due to the verry löw strength from the 1st of April, 2004. In order not to close our Frolich Home, I am seeking some philanthropists who are interestd in our Home.


Those children who have no chance of getting admitted in the hostels like our Frolich Home, even they are school going children, they are bearing the burden of earning a living to support their famoly. They have not known the joys of the childhood. They have been working to earn a living, most of them are forced to work so that the parents could repay the loan they had raised from their employers. Their life was / is of great struggle against heavy odds which has in it no place for for colour creativity, games, dancing, playing, laughing, drawing and painting and education value. Our Home by admitting such kind of children in our Frolich Home are challenging to provide them in a new life who are working in hazardous units beyond differences of caste, creed and religion. Most of them had to come across problems in regard to the studies due to family envirnment.


Some verry poor children were compelled to get married and or forced by the the parents / relatives though it is ellegal to marry before completing 18 years. Such weddings happen once in a while, specially if the families are poor and a related bridegroom is waiting who not demand money. Otherwise a wedding is allways very expensive for the parents of the bride.

Normally our children wonīt be married off too early since their parents know them to be safe with us and since you will support them until having finished their schooling. I believe this will continue!!!


The parents and relatives visit their children every 1st Sunday in the month, take their picnic with their children in our beautiful campus.

Parents meeting will be conducted 3 times in the year and we have good contact with them. In the emergency cases, we write to them for counselling and they always give their co-operation.


Besides the School programmes, the children are taught and encouraged to develop a variety of other skills are singing, drawing, painting, dancing, staging drama, embroidery, mending their own cloth, working in the garden etc.

Our Home is being a “LIGHT HOUSE” of godlines and sound knowledge to the region among the so many villages in and around Pandur. In all church activities such as Sunday School, Junior Ministry work, Youth Group, All Night Prayer, Harvest Festival and other Festivals like Vokation Bible School, Childrenīs Day, our children are the foremost to be in the church than to sit and concentrate on studies on these special days.


For your kind information, a child may need Rs. 1.000,00 per month and Rs. 1.000,00 in June every year for the school material, uniform etc.

It is very much hoped that trough our friendsī influences, some sponsors may be found. I am just praying to God that He may guide me in all my efforts to lift up the standard of our children by giving them good atmosphere, education, healthy situation and joy.


With many thankfull and kind regards,


Yours sinclery, Raja Manohara


Pandur, 04.08.04


* Here the name of that organisation is cancelt – we donīt do anti-advertising.




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