„Amy Carmichel“ Possibility for poor children





For your kind information, a child may need Rs. 1.000,00 per month and Rs. 1.000,00 in June every year for the school material, uniform etc.

It is very much hoped that trough our friends´ influences, some sponsors may be found. I am just praying to God that He may guide me in all my efforts to lift up the standard of our children by giving them good atmosphere, education, healthy situation and joy.



You will help us?


Please contact us in India for helping:


„Amy Carmichel“ (c/o) Raja Manohara

TELC Frolich Home (Girls),

Pandur, Post (via) Kadambathur, 631 203,

Tiruvallur Dt., Tamil Nadu, South India


In Europe you can contact our German co-operator Mr Winfried Stelle: amy.carmichel@web.de


The „Amy Carmichel“ Project has in Germany an Bank account, you can send your donation for helping:


Amy Carmichel c/o W.Stelle

IBAN:    DE95 1203 0000 10203209 56

BIC   :    BYLADEM 1001

Bank:     Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB)



In moment we look for specially donations for following projects:


1.) Education-help for students finished XII std (can be to Euro 2,000 per student)


2.) Donations for our office expences - our work will done honorary (full without payment), but we have to pay for office materials, postage etc. That will be to Euro 300 per year.


You like to take one of our children as a foster-child?

Than contact us please: amy.carmichel@web.de


We thank you very much for your donation or interest!




At the beginning we planned to offer our project website completely in an English language version (editorially edited). Unfortunately that turned out to be too laborious.

Thanks to the technical possibilities available in the meantime, we can now offer the content of the German site in automatic translation with the Google Translator in both English and Tamil via the link on this page.

We are aware that there will be transmission errors, but find this solution better than if there was no foreign language version.

The most done mistake would be that the auto-translation will set for the German "Patenschaft" or "Pateneltern" the English "godparenthood" and "godparents". Of course some of us really will be godfather or godmother from one single of our hostel girls, but the main meaning here on the website would be "foster-parent-ship" respectively "sponsorship".


Link English website version: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=de&sl=de&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Famycarmichel.bplaced.net%2F



ஆரம்பத்தில் நாங்கள் எங்கள் திட்டத்தை முழுமையாக ஆங்கில மொழி பதிப்பில் (editorially edited) வழங்க திட்டமிட்டோம். துரதிர்ஷ்டவசமாக அது மிகவும் உழைப்புடன் இருந்தது.
இதற்கிடையில் தொழில்நுட்ப சாத்தியக்கூறுகளுக்கு நன்றி, இப்போது இந்த பக்கத்தின் இணைப்பை வழியாக ஆங்கிலம் மற்றும் தமிழ் ஆகிய இரண்டிலும்
Google மொழிபெயர்ப்பாளருடன் தானாக மொழிபெயர்ப்பில் ஜெர்மன் தளத்தின் உள்ளடக்கத்தை வழங்க முடியும்.
டிரான்ஸ்மிஷன் பிழைகள் இருப்பதாக நாங்கள் அறிந்திருக்கிறோம், ஆனால் வெளிநாட்டு மொழி பதிப்பு இல்லாவிட்டால் இந்த தீர்வை விட சிறந்தது.


Link Tamil: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=de&sl=de&tl=ta&u=http%3A%2F%2Famycarmichel.bplaced.net%2F





T. E. L. C. FROLICH HOME 20903 (Girls)



Tamil Nadu / South India