„Amy Carmichel“ Possibility for poor children






October 2005




Pandur, Frolich Home, 12.09.2005


I was away for a week in the Tamilnadu Theological Seminary at Madurai to attent the Orientation Course along with the new volunteers, conducted by Rev. Lars Dedekend, the Principal of the Swedish International School at Kodaikanal.

I came back on Saturday with the new volunteer to Pandur.


Now we have some rain and, therefore, the heat is reduced a bit. Still we need much rain.

Our own well become dry, no water and the poisonous gas has formed in it. So our people are afraid to get in the well to clean and to inspect the defect and to remove the silt in the well.

We are planning to dig a borewell but it costs more than Rs.50,000.00 or Rs.52,000.00.

We are getting water through the Town Panchayat Over Head Tank by laying some extra pipelines from there to our Home- kitchen, toilets and bathrooms.

The special people came from the villages and inspected our campus- gardens where good water could be. In 2 places, they found sweez water enough for our daily use. So I have got the estimate for that new borewell to be dug and I am planning to send that estimate to the ELM trough the Bishop to recommend the case with my prepares budget.

We have otherwise, no difficulties in any way. --- Today came four new monkeys and they were playing in our trees the whole day. But we are afraid that they come in our rooms to steal…


Raja Manohara




Some more news:


Now we have all thogether in our fostership project 24 children, for 20 of them we found foster parents in last times.


In night from 30th of September to 1st of October we organisited in cooperation with an book store an “Harry-Potter-Night”. It was the start of the German version from “Potter” VI. The motto of that event was “Harry help Amy”. Near 100 people was coming, 120 Euro was the donation for our “Amy”-children.


If  you will help our children too, please contact us. Thanks for your donation!


W. Stelle


  Pictures from “Harry-Potter-Night”





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