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India has the dubious distinction of harbouring the largest number of child labourers in the world. The economically backward families are hardly able to feed their children and, hence they are forced to send them as child labourers in agricultural lands and industrial establishments. Lack of compulsory primary education and faulty educational Systems are the other factors that contribute to the swelling of the ranks of child labourers. The Home Education Programme of our "Amy Carmichael” Programme of our Sponsors tries to tackle the problem by providing the children and youth with shelter, food and education. Due to the benevolence of our philanthropists, we could reach the poorest of the poor families living in villages and slums to give them quality education. The children could receive education, enjoyed good health and become self confident, self reliant and developed responsibility for their own tasks given to them in the Home to perform.

We admit children from all communities without caste, creed and religion of the poor families and equalising the opportunities to develop their potentials.



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In October 2004, I have got the Information from the Bishop of the Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church (TELC) that our Frolich Home would be merged with the CSI Home for Girls at Ikkadu from April 2005. When I got the paper in my hand, I was so much per-plexed, not knowing what to do with the children, getīs no support from any sponsors or organisations, who were then 55. - destitute and deserving children.


In that year, as a form of an Angel, Mr.Winfried Stelle had been with us. When I explained about our problem to run the Frolich Home in future as the CCCYC ( The Churches’ Council for Child and Youth Care) would stop their Support from May 2005, he immediately came forward to find Sponsors for our girls to continue their study by staying in our Frolich Home so that our Home would exist. At the beginning with 5 children the support started by Mr.Stelle. He is the initiative for our “Amy Carmichel” Project with 33 children Now (July 2006). I am so very thankfuI to God that our children with the Amy-Project could enjoy all the facilities like the Other-organisation (before) sponsered children had enjoyed: light and fans, good food, games, singing, materials to play indoor and outdoor, good dining table, enough space for playing and sleeping, school materials, Christmas Dress and School Uniform still much more.


The historical person Amy Carmichel (otherwise: Amy Carmicheal) was an Missionary from Ireland was operate in the South Indian region in the beginning of the 20th Century.

Her life was characterized by obedience, total commitment, and selflessness, and serves as an exemple to Christians today. She was helping many poor children (orphans mostly) and widows in Tamil Nadu. It was the wish of our Home children to give our small Organisation the name of Amy Carmichel.



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