„Amy Carmichel“ Possibility for poor children   


Welcome in our Hostel!


The „Frolich Home“ you find in Pandur, in deep south of India.

Our Unionstate is Tamil Nadu, Chennai (before Madras) is the capital.

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On this page you can see parts of our dayly life – and you can see and hear us in a smal video-sequence.



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Harvest Festival

( 3:00 min. )



 A normal day in Pandur Hostel


-        5.00 am Start in day

-        7.00 am Morning prayer

-        8.30 am Breakfast

-        School (Video / 5:03 min.):

-        8.45 am Start to School



Pandur (Video / 3:56 Min.):



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T. E. L. C. FROLICH HOME 20903 (Girls)



Tamil Nadu / South India